AUP Search Services

What is an AUP Search?

All vertebrate animals must be covered by an Animal Use Protocol (AUP) approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) prior to acquisition and/or use of animals and throughout the entire period of animal use or maintenance.

What should be considered for an AUP search?

A search for alternatives to animal use includes searching for 3 R's, as described by Russell and Birch (1959) The Principles of Human Experimental Technique.

  • Refinement: examples of refinements of the protocol include use of analgesics, remote telemetry to increase quality/quantity of data gathered, human endpoints for animals
  • Re-education: use of shared control groups, preliminary screening in non-animal systems, innovative statistical packages or consult a statistician
  • Replacement: alternatives to animal use- in vitro, cell culture, tissue culture, models, simulations, also use of non-mammals, fish, or invertebrates

Requesting an AUP Search from the Medical Sciences Library

The Medical Sciences Library provides support to biomedical researchers at Texas A&M University by conducting AUP searches. To request AUP search assistance, emaill AskMSL and include the search information and your timeline. Someone will contact you within 2 business days.

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