Get Books Shipped

Who can request items shipped to their address?

  • Faculty, staff, students NOT at the College Station campus.
  • College of Medicine or Pharmacy residents NOT in the Bryan/College Station area.
  • Faculty in College Station can use the option for office delivery in MSL's Get It For Me.
  • Staff and students at College Station must pick up books at MSL.

What MSL will send?

  • Any item available for checkout at the Medical Sciences Library, except electronic equipment
    (can be found searching the MSL Catalog).
  • Any item available for checkout at the other Texas A&M Libraries on the College Station Campus,
    except electronic equipment (can be found searching LibCat).
  • Any item available for borrowing from any other library world wide.
    Shipping time from another library and/or from MSL to your location could impact the loan time.

Things MSL will not send

  • Items on reserve and in reference.
  • Current journals and bound journals.
  • Electronic equipment such as iPads, laptop computers, cameras, etc.

How do I set up delivery?

  1. Change the loan delivery option in your MSL Get It For Me account.
  2. On the left side navigation at the bottom under Tools, click on Change User Information.
  3. Change Preferred Loan Delivery Location to:
    Faculty at the TAMU campus use Faculty Only:  Deliver to Mailstop
    Faculty/staff/students outside College Station use Distance:  Not in B/CS

How do I request an item?

  1. Request items directly through the Medical Sciences Library Get It For Me system
    or click the Get it button in the MSL catalog or LibCat (TAMU Libraries general catalog).
  2. Login to Get It For Me, verify your information, and click submit.
  3. Be sure your email address in Get It For Me is one that you check frequently
    (see the Get It For Me FAQ for email/address change instructions).
  4. Verify that deliver settings are correct, see above.

How MSL sends items

  • MSL or TAMU Libraries items are checked out to your MyLibrary account.
  • College Station Faculty:  items are shipped through campus mail.
  • Outside Bryan/College Station (faculty, staff, and students),
    item(s) and labeled/stamped return mailer will be sent to the address you list in Get It For Me.
    Be sure your address is up to date - (see the Get It For Me FAQ for email/address change instructions).
  • The mailing instruction will be attached to the return packaging.

Returning an item to MSL

  • College Station Faculty:  return directly to MSL, use any campus library book drop, or use campus mail.
  • Outside Bryan/College Station: use return mailer and send via US Postal Service.

Renewing a TAMU Libraries or MSL book

Recalled, past due, or items already renewed twice, cannot be renewed
  1. Click on the MyLibrary link on the far right side of the MSL website.
  2. Login with your NetID or TAMHSC username.
  3. Click the Renew Item button.

Can I renew a book that is not from MSL or the TAMU Libraries?

  • Some, but not all books borrowed from non-TAMU libraries may be renewed.
  • Renewal requests MUST be sent THREE DAYS prior to the due date visible in your Get It For Me account.
  • Log in to MSL Get It For Me and click View/Renew Checked Out Items button under the View Requests section of the page.
  • MSL will request a renewal from the lending library and will notify you by email only if the request is denied.
    Making a renewal request does not guarantee that the renewal will be granted.
  • If you do not receive a renewal denied email in three days,
    check the due date status by logging into MSL Get It For Me and
    click View/Renew Checked Out Items button under the View Requests section of the page.

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