Course Reserves for Instructors

Information for Instructors

Contact MSL Reserves

Call 979-845-7428 or email AskMSL

Electronic Reserves

To place electronic materials on reserve:
  1. Review the Guidelines for Electronic Course Reserves Materials and assess your materials.
  2. Log in to Course Reserves and certify you understand the guidelines.
    • Certification will be required once every 12 months.
    • Once certified, you will no longer be presented with the certification screen.
  3. Request electronic reserves by creating a new course or accessing a previous course.
  4. Contact MSL Reserves for assistance.

Print Reserves

  • Requests may be made through email or at the MSL AskUs desk.
  • Print reserves may include items owned by the University Libraries or by the instructor.
  • To request reserves through email, email the following information to AskMSL:
    • Instructors name, UIN, and Department.
    • Course name, number and title.
    • Semester and year for which the reserves are required.
    • Title, author, edition, and call number of the item(s) to be placed on reserve for the class.
  • To place materials on reserve, please bring the item to the MSL AskUs Desk between 7 am and 6 pm Monday thru Friday.

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