New PubMed

New PubMed became available for evaluation and exploration in the summer of 2019. Some time this spring, it will become the default PubMed for those people who access it via We will continue to provide access to Legacy PubMed as well as New PubMed from the Medical Sciences Website as long as Legacy PubMed is available.

Important Note: New PubMed and Legacy PubMed are different websites. Because they are different websites, they need to be proxied for you to see TAMU Libraries access options (full text access and Get It For Me), unless you are within the College Station campus IP range.

If you want to move back and forth between the versions using the links in the PubMed sites, do the following:

  1. Go to the MSL Website
  2. Click on your starting version, Legacy PubMed in this example
  3. Login with you NetID/password/DUO if prompted
  4. Open a new tab in the same browser window
  5. Go to the MSL website
  6. Click on New PubMed, the URL will be be proxied, but you won't be asked to login again
  7. Go back to your first tab and refresh/reload the page
  8. Close the second tab if you want
  9. Now you can move back and forth between Legacy PubMed and New PubMed and have access to the TAMU Libraries full text options for both