MSL Study Room Policies

The following general policies apply to both MSL and GPS study rooms. See Graduate & Professional Student Zone (GPS) for access information.

Inappropriate conduct such as excessive noise, fighting, sleeping, writing objectionable language on the whiteboards or sexual acts is not permitted. The Library reserves the right to remove users from rooms based on inappropriate conduct, limit future study room use, and follow up with appropriate University authorities.


NOTE: Reservations for MSL study rooms are only available during MSL staffed hours. GPS study rooms are open use, no reservations.

  • Rooms may be reserved up to 1 week (7 days) in advance.
  • MSL study rooms may be reserved for immediate use at the MSL AskUs desk.
  • MSL study rooms are locked and you must check in at the MSL AskUs desk.
  • For MSL group rooms, the person who reserved the room and one other study group member must be present to check-in and receive the room key.
  • Online reservations must be made at least 1 hour prior to reservation start time.
  • Reservations have a 30 minute grace period.
    • If you have not checked in within 30 minutes of your reservation start time, your reservation will be canceled.

Room Use:

  • Please avoid leaving any unattended items in the room.
  • If a study room is left unattended for more than 15 minutes, the room will be considered vacated and the reservation will end immediately. All items will be removed and placed in MSL AskUs Desk Lost & Found.
  • Study rooms are not intended for interviews, video conferencing or use of speakers. If you need to listen to audio, please ask for headphones at the MSL AskUs desk on the first floor. If you need assistance finding an appropriate space, please ask the staff at the MSL AskUs desk.
  • Group study rooms are not intended for non-academic student groups meetings, course instruction, or non-academic group meetings, such as sorority/fraternity, university club activities, community activities, etc. If you need assistance finding an appropriate space for your group meeting, please ask the staff at the MSL AskUs desk.
  • Group study rooms are available for collaborative study, but please be courteous to other individuals using our study spaces, especially on the quiet second floor.
  • We do not allow use of space heaters in our study rooms. Please report temperature issues to the MSL AskUs desk.
  • Do not cover or obscure the study room window.